Marketing Services: Enhancing Your Billing Experience with Digital Ads

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We're making billing changes to enhance your experience with our managed digital advertising solutions. You'll now be billed both the setup fee and the first-month fee upon activation of a new campaign. We’ll start rolling out this change to partners over the next few days. 

This change will allow Vendasta’s Digital Ads team to begin working on your client's campaign as soon as you submit an order, instead of waiting to collect payment. By doing so, we’ll be able to deliver results faster and provide a better experience. 

Vendasta’s updated billing page will also make it easier for partners to understand when they’ll be charged for the first month of the campaign.

What is changing?

With this billing change, you’ll be charged the first month of the campaign after activating it. You’ll also receive an instant billed receipt for the transaction.

First-month charge

Previously, partners were billed the setup fee upon activation and the first month was billed only after the campaign launch date. Now you’ll be billed for both upon activation of the service. The anniversary date for the following months will be set a month from the campaign launch date.

Instant billed receipt

All partners will get an instant billed receipt that is sent to the email addresses configured in the billing contact section in Partner Center. Additionally, you can view all your purchases on the Billing page in Partner Center.

Here's an example of what this receipt will look like: 


How do I activate a campaign?

  1. Select and activate this product Digital Ads: Campaign and any add-ons you may need.
  2. Fill out the form with all required assets. Proceed to the next step and click on the Edit button beside the wholesale cost. Enter the exact wholesale ad spend budget you would like for this campaign.
  3. You will see the campaign amount you've entered as a recurring charge plus the one-time setup fee. You'll be charged the first month and setup fee upon activation. The following month you will only be charged the wholesale ad spend amount you entered. 

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