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Recommendations to users of the Business App help them find additional value and use features they have access to. Recommendations consist of a sentence or two explaining a feature they can use and contain a link to see available solutions in your store.

Recommendations will be on by default for all users and can be disabled on a market-by-market case if you desire. 

To turn off/on recommendations for all accounts, navigate to Partner Center > Administration > Customize Business App > Dashboard > Check or uncheck the box for recommendations. 


Where do Recommendations appear?

Currently, recommendations appear on the dashboard of the Business App, and within the Executive Report. Banners will randomly cycle through all the available options that meet the criteria of the placement.

Dashboard: One recommendation card will appear, randomly, chosen from all the available recommendations.

Executive Report: Each section of the Executive Report has a spot for one recommendation banner. Only recommendations related to that section will appear within a section (For example, social media recommendations will only appear in the Social Media section.)

How do I use it?

Recommendations will appear automatically in Business App, for your clients/users. 

Can recommendations be customized or edited?

Not at this time. This is a curated set of recommendations, that have been handcrafted to help clients find value throughout Business App and use the tools they have available to them.


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