Website: Manage all of your websites at once

Partner Center admins can view and take action on all websites they manage in one centralized view. At a glance, admins can identify websites that require their attention, letting them easily update WordPress versions, plugins, and themes straight from the dashboard.

Managing and maintaining multiple websites is a painstaking process that takes up a lot of time and effort. Partners have to stay on top of all their clients’ website updates to make sure that they are running smoothly.

This dashboard makes website maintenance more efficient by allowing admins to see details for all of their sites. This eliminates the manual toil of navigating individual accounts.

What is available on the dashboard?

The dashboard features several elements to make managing websites easier.

Update summary

If there are any updates available, totals will display above the table. This includes the number of plugins, WordPress instances, and themes that are out of date.



Website details

For each instance of the Websites product, you'll see the following information:

  • Account
  • URL
  • Number of plugins that need updating
  • Current WordPress version
  • Current theme version
  • Links to the Websites dashboard and WordPress dashboard

All elements outside of the account's name can be interacted with. They'll take you to the relevant sections to view your website, make updates, or access the various dashboards available.


How do you access the dashboard?

  1. Log in to Partner Center
  2. Go to Marketplace > Products > Website
  3. Click Admin tools > Dashboard

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