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Review Responses: Up to 10 is our latest competitively-priced reputation management service for clients that see an average of ten reviews or less per month. For heavy volume review clients, like restaurants and campgrounds, they can continue to purchase the original reputation fulfillment service, newly named Review Responses Unlimited

Why should I use this service?

Maintaining a positive reputation with customers is a lot of work, both online and off. Offload the online response and request of reviews to our team of reputation specialists while you focus on providing an exceptional customer experience in person.

With the new and improved review response offering, you and your clients will receive the same great fulfillment service you're used to, but at a lower wholesale cost based on volume. Our team is prepared to provide a superior online review response service to each and every one.  

How does it impact you?

Removal of “Mentions”

Please note that screening of online mentions and notifications when a negative "mention" is found will not be included in the Review Responses: Up to 10 service. In an effort to provide faster service and more competitive pricing, we've removed this aspect of the service to focus more effectively on drafting and responding to online reviews.  

What’s included?

With this new monthly service, our team of reputation specialists will ensure that your client’s reviews on multiple review sites are responded to in a timely manner. Here’s what’s included:

Review Responses: Up to 10

  • Onboarding call.
  • Approval process for negative reviews. 
  • Up to 10 review responses per month.

Please note that we’ll review whether or not you are exceeding the 10-review limit periodically to determine the best course of action moving forward. 

Which add-ons are available for purchase?

Review Requests

Both Review Responses: Up to 10 and our existing Review Responses Unlimited will gain an additional add-on; Review Requests. Offered at a lower price point, this add-on will ensure we continue to upload your customer lists to our Customer Voice platform to ensure your review requests are sent out in a timely manner. This add-on has not changed, other than the cost. 

With this new service, you can choose the right level of reputation management support for your client’s business. 

How do I order this service?

Partners with access to Marketing Services can resell Review Responses: Up to 10. Head to the Discover Product page on Partner Center. Search for Review Responses: Up to 10 or Review Responses Unlimited in the Marketing & Advertising category; Reputation. Hit the "Start Selling" button on the product you'd like to order. If you’re unsure about what is included in your subscription, visit our pricing page or reach out to your sales rep. 

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