How can I automatically activate Standard products when an account is created?

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If you would like to automatically activate Standard products when an account is created, you can toggle "Automatic Activation" on for each product. Here's how:

1) In Partner Center, navigate to Marketplace > Products.
2) Click on one of the following products: Listing Builder, Reputation Management, Customer Voice, Social Marketing, Website, or Advertising Intelligence.
3) Select "Product Info."
4) Toggle on "Automatic Activation."




Repeat these steps for other foundational products to display during the account creation process.

  • If you change your mind while creating the account, simply uncheck the box next to the product you don't want to be activated.



This activation process doesn't work for Bulk account upload through CSV and new account creation from the store. The reason behind this is that Partners who have limited free product entitlement might get charged due to unnecessary activation of free products.

Please note that you may be charged for these activations.


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