How to reset a Google Workspace user password?

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1. Launch the Google Admin Dashboard from the Account in Partner Center > Businesses > Select Account > Launch Google Workspace.


2. Click the 3 dots beside the Google User, and select "Reset Google Password".


  • If no Business App user is associated, this will send an email to the user’s alternate email address with a link to reset their Google password.
    • If this user is an admin, they can use this password to log directly into Google.
    • The only instance where non-admin users would want this password is for applications that do not support Business App credentials (such as Outlook).

  • If a Business App user is associated with a Google user and SSO is enabled, clicking "Reset business center user password" will send the Business App password to the user's alternate email address. An email will be sent with a reset link. Users can use this password in their Business App email to log in directly to Google.

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