I’m not seeing my Website content/image updates immediately

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Q: I’m not seeing my Website content/image updates immediately. I only see them when logged in as a WordPress Admin, or after about an hour

A: One of the things that makes Website Pro fast is the caching we perform in NGinx and the CDN. As a result, when updates are performed site owners will need to clear the cache if they want their customers to see the changes immediately.

Another option is waiting, as the cache for every site clears automatically after an hour.

Finally, customers can also make changes/updates in the staging environment (only available for the Pro version), and when pushed to Live, the cache is cleared automatically.

Website Pro does not cache URLs with query parameters.


Tip - If you would like to access the un-cached version of a page, use a query param, i.e., add a ?v=12345 to the page URL you’d like to access (so www.mysite.com becomes www.mysite.com?v=123456, bear in mind any random number will work) to the end of the URL. This will be slower to load the page, but it will bypass the NGINX cache.


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