Marketplace: Customize the appearance of your Public Store

You can now change the appearance of your Public Store under Marketplace > Manage Store > Theme.

With more control over your Public Store’s appearance, you can ensure that it closely matches your brand’s visual identity. If you’ve embedded your Public Store on your website, you can use the Theme section to match your Public Store’s color scheme with your website.

To customize your Public Store’s appearance,

  1. Go to Partner Center > Marketplace > Manage Store. For partners with multiple markets, select the Market of the Store you’d like to edit.

  2. Open the Theme section.

You can change the color of your store’s Logo Bar (the top section containing your logo and Sign in/Create an account button), your store’s Background color, and its Accent color (used in button text and the indicator of the product category tabs). Use the built-in color picker to adjust tone and transparency, or paste a hex color code directly into the field. 

If you embed your Public Store on your website, you can also try setting your Store’s background to full transparency. This will effectively remove your Public Store’s background and give the impression of your store’s contents sitting directly on the background of your website.

You can also change the color of the Primary font (used for package and product category names and descriptions) and Secondary font (used for the price information of a package). 

Each change you make will automatically update the Store preview. When you’ve perfected your store’s appearance, click Save. Your Public Store will now use these color settings anywhere you’ve linked to it or embedded it.


Note that your Public Store’s theme will not affect the Store tab in Business App. 


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