Advertising Intelligence: LocalAds Conversion Customization and Form Fills

Partners who run digital ads through Vendasta’s Marketing Services can now customize conversion setting attributions and view form fill details for their LocalAds campaigns within Advertising Intelligence.

What’s the Benefit?

Show your clients proof of performance for their LocalAds campaigns, directly in Advertising Intelligence. Import one or all of your LocalAds campaigns to see detailed reporting and key metrics.

Now, you have the option to customize your conversion attributions to align your reporting with your client's goals. Decide whether or not you want phone calls, store visits, and form fills to count toward your total conversions.

You can also pursue hot leads by viewing the details of your form fills. See who completed the form, how you can contact them, and any additional comments they may have had.

How does it work?

After Vendasta’s Digital Agents have connected your LocalAds campaign in Advertising Intelligence, a drop-down box will appear on the Settings page with the option to select or deselect conversion attributions. You can choose whether you want to track phone calls, visits, and form fills and count them as conversions. By default, all three will be selected and tracked. Note that only phone calls that are longer than 30 seconds will be counted as conversions.


To see your form fills, click on an individual LocalAds campaign. In the table at the bottom of the page, click on the Form Fills tab. This shows you the name of who filled out the form, along with their phone number, email, message, any comments they left, and the date and time.


What is LocalAds?

LocalAds is a premium advertising technology that offers sophisticated targeting and location-based ads through Vendasta's Marketing Services. All of the ads are display ads, but you can also combine them with other platforms such as search, social, and video depending on your client’s goals and spend.

LocalAds predicts both offline and online behaviors to serve ads that will effectively produce more impressions, clicks, and return for your clients. It starts when a customer enters an identified blueprint location and we capture the device ID of their mobile phone. From there, we can track the consumer throughout their digital and physical customer journey.

Check out this article to watch our webinar on LocalAds and download a brandable sales deck.

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