Invoicing for Proposals

When subscription billing is enabled, Partners will not need to manually send invoices to their customers following a proposal. Follow these steps to automate the invoicing process after a proposal is approved: 

1. Enable Subscription Billing: Ensure that subscription billing is turned on for your account.

2. Configure Order and Sales Process:

  • Navigate to Administration tab.
  • Go to Customize > Sales > Configure orders and sales process.
  • Under Salesperson submit actions, turn on the following actions:
    • Allow salespeople to send an order to customers for approval.
    • Orders sent for approval by salespeople can accept payment.
    • Make sure you adjust your market-level settings as well. 

3. Set Up Proposals for Approval:

  • When sending a proposal for approval, make sure it includes:
    • A recipient.
    • A pricing table (this will create an order.)

4. Automatic Invoice Creation:

  • Once the customer approves the order and enters payment details, the first invoice will be created automatically.
  • Subscriptions will be set up based on the order details.

5. Future Invoices:

  • Future invoices will be generated according to the billing frequencies of the items.
  • Invoices will follow the configured renewal date or the anniversary date of the order activation if no default renewal date is configured.

Visit Vendasta Payments for more information on how to collect payments from your customers.


If you do not have subscription billing turned on: 

After your proposal has been approved, an order is automatically created, and you can collect payment by creating an invoice directly from the approved order.

This can be achieved by going to the order in the Partner Center > Sales > Orders > Select Order, and on the top right-hand corner, you will see the “Actions” button. Select "Create Invoice."

Click this button, and you will be presented with a pre-filled invoice template. Add the user details (this is the recipient of the invoice) and send.

For Partners using Vendasta Payments, you can collect payments from your customers and charge their credit cards directly from the invoice. You can select your preferred payment method in the bottom right corner.

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