Why is LBOT not available for activation after cancellation?

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The number of Local Business Online Toolkits canceled within an ongoing cycle does not update in real-time in the platform. This means that if the LBOT is canceled on a few of the accounts, they would not be available for immediate use and would only be available for use on or after the 1st of the following month.

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Sure! consider this;

Tom is allocated 75 LBOT Kits and activates 25 kits on August 2nd which leaves him with 50 for future use. He then decides on August 15 that he would like to cancel 20 of those 25 as the prospect did not show interest. Once canceled, the dashboard would still show he used 25 of 75, as this will not update to reflect that he used 5 of 75 (has 70 left) until the end of the current cycle.

The allocation is only calculated at the beginning of each month. Therefore if Tom wanted to do an activation of 70 LBOTs before September 1st when the available amount is renewed, it would push him over his limit and charge him.

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