Where can I find the Product and Package ID?

The Product ID is available in 2 spots:


1. Go to Partner Center > Marketplace > Discover Products, search and select the product, and click to view the marketing material. The Product ID is the alphanumeric portion that can be found at the end of the page URL starting with MP (ex. MP-QQF46WQ8W4TXTD8CBX8P6X7XBV4KBNW4).



2. Under Marketplace > Products, select a product. The Product ID can be found on the page URL and will start with MP.




Package ID's are located within Marketplace > Package when you select a package, the URL will have a portion that starts with SOL-{letters and number}, which is the package ID. (ex. SOL-620466a2-ea3f-4cb3-9cd7-26c2a8f3e539).


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