Does Meeting Scheduler sync with my shared calendars?

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Meeting Scheduler does not support shared calendars that will show availability across calendars. It will only show the availability of the default (or primary) calendar of the account.

The following is what our Meeting Scheduler supports and does not support:

  • The meeting scheduler supports the calendar that is connected to your default Google account.
  • It supports round-robin scheduling and shows availability if at least one team member is free. (Every person in a team will be rotated fairly round-robin based on a "least recently scheduled" approach.)
  • It doesn't support the option to show when all calendars/teams are free.
  • It doesn't support the user connecting multiple calendars to the same Meeting Scheduler.

If you're looking for more calendar options, check out CalendarHero calendarheroin our Marketplace, and take a look at their FAQ here for more information!

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