Email Builder

What is it?

The email builder in Partner Center has been redesigned with a drag-and-drop block editor and instant preview to make it easier than ever to create emails that convert!



Why is it important?

The world-class sales intelligence Vendasta offers with tools like the Snapshot Report are perfect for utilizing in email campaigns, but it's hard to know how these emails will be seen when upwards of 80% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

With the redesigned email builder you can quickly create an effective email campaign utilizing all the data points available in Vendasta while optimizing it for a variety of devices with instant visual feedback. 


How does it work?

Accessing the email builder

When creating an email campaign and adding a new "custom email" you will be automatically taken to the new version of the email builder. You can return to the old editor by clicking "return to old editor," but templates created with the old editor cannot be edited in the new builder.

Using content blocks

All email content is placed in content "blocks." The blocks determine what kind of content can be entered as well as the styling and editing options that are available to you.


After creating a content block, the block can be moved around to re-order the content and the change will instantly appear in the preview pane. 



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