Account Status tags in Sales & Success Center

Learn about status tags in the Sales and Success Center and how to use them.


Unread Activity - When a client (Business App user) takes any action in Business App (views packages, etc) it will add this to their activity feed on that account. Until the salesperson views that activity, it will be marked as Unread Activity.


Account Created - This would be a tag added to any newly created accounts so you can filter by these.


In Progress - This is the default state whenever a salesperson takes action on an account


Ready to Sell - This happens if the account ‘Goes Hot’ (client opens an email, clicks through an email, opens a product in Business App)


Follow-up Needed - This is a tag that can be added when you log sales activity. When you are logging activity, there is a ‘Follow-up required’ checkbox that, when used, will add this tag to an account


Closed Won/Lost - Sales and Success Center allows you to create an opportunity under an account. This would be for a salesperson to document any potential sales and what they would entail. Once they are done with that opportunity, they can make it as either Closed Won (made the sales) or Closed Lost (didn’t complete the sale). Once you do mark it as either of these, it will add a tag to the account.

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