Transfer multiple Google Workspace accounts to a single account

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You can transfer more than one Google Workspace account into a single Vendasta account, but the accounts must be merged before the transfer.

Steps to follow:

1. The two domains need to be merged or added under one Google Workspace account.

  • The Google Workspace admin needs to contact Google in order to merge the two accounts.

2. The two domains need to be set as primary and secondary domains according to their preferences. 

3. Both domains need to be verified on the Google Admin Console ( as well as on the DNS provider's end.

4. Once the steps above are completed, the transfer can be completed under one account in Vendasta's platform. 

Please note: New users of both domains can be added to the account in Partner Center, and can be linked to the Google Workspace account.

  • If new users are added, additional seats must be activated.

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