Why does my X post give me a "might be automated" error?

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If an X post fails and you get the following error message, you need to reach out to X Support.

"This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can't complete this action right now. Please try again later."

Over the years X has taken multiple initiatives to improve the quality of its social network. This means taking action on

  • Any automated activity such as bots
  • Any fake follower networks
  • Any spam or inauthentic behavior

Let's say you got too excited and did an activity that gave X the impression that you are a bot. X will likely limit your activity. This includes any actions such as:

  • Sending X direct messages to multiple random people quickly
  • Sending the same kind of message to multiple people
  • Liking and following people on a spree
  • Retweeting continuously in a short amount of time

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