What does the Accuracy Report "Source does not have reporting" mean?

The "Accuracy Report" column showcases our independent reporting system. When a listing source is added, our system pushes the Business Profile data to that listing directory. The listing directory can then communicate back to our systems, letting us know that the data was accepted, rejected, or published onto their systems. The “Accuracy Report” column will then report back on that data. 

If our system cannot verify whether your Business Profile data was updated on the listing source, you will see the status "Sources does not have reporting." This means that the directory source can not communicate back to us with a status report on the data submitted. 

Data submission is the process by which we push data onto listing directory sources through our listing syndicators. Data collection is the process by which our systems explore the internet to collect data in order to verify. Sources like GPS often show "Sources does not have reporting" as GPS sources don’t have a robust data collection process over the internet.


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