Inbox in Business App: Send your first message

The SMS messaging feature is currently only available for users of Business App located in Canada and the USA, with Inbox Pro product active.

For businesses based in the United States

US-based businesses are now required to register their business before being able to send a message. Learn how, here.

Registration can take a few weeks. Once registered, users on the business account will receive a notification and then can send their first message.


For located in Canada, or US-based businesses that have completed registration

To send your first SMS message,

  1. Open Business App > Inbox Messages
  2. Click on "Send a Message"
  3. Type in the phone number of the customer. The input field will automatically correct the phone number to match our phone number format. Ex: +1 (555) 555-5555.
  4. Type a message and send it.


How do I add customer phone numbers?

When messages are sent from Inbox, contacts are automatically created in the contacts in Business App.

To manually add phone numbers in Business App, select "Contacts" from the left-hand menu. Here you can add new contacts. You can also bulk import customers from this page. 


How many messages can your client send to their customers?

With Inbox Pro, accounts can send and receive unlimited* one-by-one SMS messages to customers, while noting that *each carrier has some limitations on the number of messages sent and received per day. For example, up to 2,000 SMS segments and MMS can be sent per day to customers on T-Mobile.

What phone number is used to send out messages?

The business is assigned an available SMS number based on the business's address. The business can share this number with customers and will receive text and MMS messages sent to it.  Calls cannot be received at this number at this time.

My client cannot click on Inbox. How can I turn this on?

There is a setting titled "Display Inbox Tab" in Partner Center > Administration > Customize Business App > Inbox Messages > Check the 'show this page' box. 




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