Invite Your Team Members to the Vendasta Academy

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The Vendasta Academy is designed to educate both entrepreneurs and agencies about digital marketing strategy and guide learners through the Vendasta platform.

Currently, only Partners have access to our Academy as our courses are not white-labelled. However, if you would like your sales team to learn from the Academy, you can provide them access by marking them as Admin in Partner Center.

Step 1: Log in to Partner Center > Administration > My Teams > Invite team members and add the user as an Admin. If you do not want them to view any sections of Partner Center, please revoke all the permissions pertaining to accessing Partner Center. This will give them Partner Center credentials, but when they log in you can customize what they see.


Step 2: A welcome email will be sent where they can reset the password and now login to:


Step 3: They should now be able to access the Vendasta Academy with these credentials. 




Please note, that these courses are not white-labeled.

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