Task Manager - Inbox

What is it?

Partners can communicate with all parties associated with a project right within Task Manager. Collaborate with teammates, respond to questions from clients, and keep all communication around a project in one place. 

Why is it important?

Projects and their tasks can have a lot of moving parts and involved parties, and context is valuable when making fulfillment decisions. By keeping all communication in one place and within view of the task at hand, context is easily accessible and hard to miss. 

Bringing Inbox to Task Manager also delivers a more cohesive experience for your clients, with all communication visible in real-time within their main Inbox portal in Business App. Respond quickly and easily to questions or comments to keep a project's progress moving forward efficiently and delight clients with attentive service.

How does it work?

  1. Go to Task Manager.
  2. Open a project or task. 
  3. Add a comment in the Comments tab. Use "@" to tag another user.
  4. To make comments visible to the client, switch on the Public toggle. 


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