Billing: Providing a reason for declined sales orders

Partner Center admins can provide a reason from a list of reasons for why a sales order is being declined. With this feature, manual work is taken off the Partner admin and they can easily see the top reasons for order declines in order to improve sales processes for their teams.

How does it work?

When a sales order must be declined during a sales order review, a modal will appear where you can choose from a list of why an order was declined. The Partner admin user can customize the options in the list by adding or removing decline reasons (see customization below). The Partner admin also has the option to provide additional details to their sales team of why the order was declined.



You can then download a complete list of decline reasons by CSV. This additional insight will help you understand the top order decline reasons and adjust processes and train your sales team so fewer orders are declined and less time is spent fixing them. A more efficient sales process and less time spent on orders will result in more time focusing on your customers.

To download your CSV report, go to Partner Center > Sales > Orders > Actions > download.


Manage Reasons

You can manage decline reasons by following the workflow:

  1. Go to the Administration tab > Customize > Sales
  2. Under Sales Processes > Select 'Configure decline order reasons' > Add reason.mceclip1.png Alternatively, while reviewing an order in the Sales tab > click decline order > click “manage reasons” in the modal. From there, you can edit, add, or delete decline reasons.

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