Business App SMS Messaging in Inbox: Now, 8x Faster

Communicating with customers is a high-frequency daily task that all businesses require a better tool for, that’s why we are constantly improving the user experience of SMBs using SMS messaging within Inbox. 

All active users are able to view the names of the senders in each conversation, the date, and the time. Your business clients can easily identify which of the multiple users granted access to their accounts and is communicating with customers thereby improving service delivery and accountability.

We are making it easier for users to preview the content of messages in their Inbox before opening the actual message, this empowers the client to prioritize those that require an immediate response.

In view of the fact that every second counts in businesses, we also improved the loading speed of conversations within Inbox, so that clients can respond swiftly to messages without delays. 




What is Inbox Messaging?

Inbox is a business messaging platform that enables SMBs to truly own their customers and manage all their customer conversations across platforms streamlined into one place at any time in their customer journey. With Inbox, your client’s customers message the business rather than its employees. Rather than employees owning the relationship with customers, the ownership is transferred to the business. This means if an employee leaves the business, they won’t be able to take your client’s customers with them to a competitor; because you have their data kept in your database so you don’t lose it.



Why provide Inbox Messaging to your Clients?

 SMS is a top method of business-to-customer communication; in fact, 85% of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email. With this new feature, your clients can communicate with their customers in their preferred method – and save time calling or sending emails to customers. 

Our usage data shows that SMS messaging users come back to the business app over 4x more when compared to those that are yet to adopt it.  

SMS Messaging will increase the number of times your SMB clients log in to the Business App – in other words, daily active users in your Business App will increase. This is important to your business because it deepens your partner solution as a necessary infrastructure for a business to operate, increasing stickiness and retention. Increased engagement leads to more opportunities to strengthen relationships and upsell.


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