Project communication and notifications

Project communication is now supported through the order within Partner Center, Sales & Success Center, and Business App.

Getting started

Clients and Partners can communicate directly and view status updates directly within the Task Manager project, or within the order found in Business App, Sales and Success Center, or Partner Center. 

Any questions or comments will be updated immediately and email notifications will be sent to relevant parties when: the order begins, the status changes to waiting on a customer, or when the due date is changed. 





To make a comment on your project within Task Manager, go to:
i.  Task Manager > Projects > Type Comment
ii. Send



To view orders and make comments in Business App/Sales & Success Center/Partner Center:
i.   Visit relevant platform > click on the order
ii. “Ask a question about your product or service”




  • @ someone within the project comments to tag them in a project 
  • Notify relevant parties when you change the due date, add a collaborator, or change the status to waiting on customer
  • View and comment on your project by visiting Partner Center, Business App, or Sales and Success Center, click the drop-down arrow under fulfillment, "Ask a question about your product or service"

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