Sales Pipeline Overview

Sales pipelines are essential in moving a lead from prospect to paying customer. Salespeople need to know what stage their opportunities are in so they know what steps are needed to close the deal. Sales managers need to understand where their potential revenue is coming from, and how they can help their teams bring in more sales. 

The Sales & Success Center pipeline is perfect for both salespeople and managers, offering the ability to view, organize, and filter their opportunities. This allows them to know exactly where they should spend their time to gain the highest return. 

Table View

The table view is a great way to get a full list of either your own or a team's sales opportunities. 

To access this view, login to the Sales & Success Center. Go to Pipeline > Table.


In this view, you have a range of options on how you'd like to filter or organize the list of opportunities. 

Or, view our Drag-and-Drop Board View:



Create a New Pipeline Stage

The default pipeline includes four stages: “Lead,” “Contact,” “Qualified,” and “Proposal.” The default percentage is 0%, 20%, 40%, and 60% respectively, and it will show you the revenue forecast based on the percentage of the pipeline stages.

The default pipeline doesn’t fit your business? Don’t worry, you have the flexibility to create custom pipelines and define your own forecast percentages. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Log into Sales & Success Center as a Sales Manager, click the wheel cog at the top left of your window, next to the name of your user:



2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Add New Stage"


These appear in your Pipeline in order of the probability of success you assign them.


Filter Customization

To add filters to your table view, click + Add Filter at the top of the pipeline. You can also remove a filter by clicking the X next to the filter's name. 


You have a range of filtering options to choose from, including:

  • Salespeople 
  • Sales Team
  • Pipeline Status
  • Packages
  • Products
  • Tags
  • Pipelines
  • Expected Close Date
  • Actual Close Date
  • Creation Date

Search Options

You will find a search box above the pipeline, allowing you to search for specific types of opportunities. 


Note: Currently, you can only search for opportunity types, ex: Website Creation, Visibility & SEO. You won't be able to search for any other categories at this time. 

Sort Options

You can sort the pipeline columns in either descending or ascending order. Click the name of the column you'd like to sort once for descending order, or twice for ascending order. 

Additional Options

You can also sort the pipeline using the drop-down menu in the top right. This allows you to sort by expected closed date and contract length to get an idea of your monthly revenue. As an example: If a 6-month opportunity is expected to close on May 1st, you would see that reflected in your potential revenue for May-October. 

Finally, you can export the pipeline date into a CSV by clicking Export displayed as CSV


How to Export displayed CSV?

1. Go to the Pipeline Table in Sales and Success Center


2. Add the filters of your choice

3. Click on Export as CSV


4. Click on Okay in the pop-up


5.  Click on the notification bell and on Pipeline data export is complete. Click to download.



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