API and SSO Integration: Easily connect your platform to ours

Vendasta offers the opportunity to become integrated and seamlessly connect and exchange real-time information from our platform to yours with our simple set of APIs and SSO. The feature is available within a paid subscription level and strictly to your development team while our Support Team is also here to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction. 

Here is what we offer:

SSO Installation

Platform REST APIs

Vendors and App Developers
  • Set up SSO from your dashboard to any Vendasta Product.
  • Connects our platform to yours with a single set of login credentials.
  • Manage Business Locations
  • Track purchases made through the platform
  • CRM and Sales Management
  • Create and Send orders to customers for approval!
  • Product or App Creation using Marketplace API and Webhooks.
  • Using SSO redirect links to launch the custom products from Business App

SSO Installation

With the use of Single Sign On or (SSO), you can now sign into the products in our Marketplace. This is accomplished through a simple technical integration of a session transfer endpoint. Once SSO is installed, you can connect your platform to ours with just a single set of login credentials.

If you are a visual learner or want a different overview of how the authentication handshake flows, check out this SSO Flow Diagram.


Platform REST APIs

We are also offering the majority of the components using REST APIs. The restructure has already been released for some areas of the platform and the remaining areas will be available soon. 

Here's the guide on how to create your first custom product


Vendor and App Developers

In addition to consuming data, you or your App Developers also have the capability to get your own custom products into the Vendasta Platform by utilizing the Marketplace API and Webhooks. Using SSO redirect links you can have your customers launch YOUR own products from OUR Business App. And all this can be done from ONE single dashboard with ONE single set of credentials.


For all the instructions on how to get integrated, please direct your developers to the Vendasta Developer Center.



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