Social Marketing: Google Business Profile and LinkedIn Historical Data

Social Marketing users can now see historical data for Google Business Profile and LinkedIn. This includes previous posts published before their accounts were connected to Social Marketing, as well as the performance data (reach and engagement) for these posts.

Measuring and analyzing social media metrics is important for setting goals and proving ROI (return on investment) to your clients. By bringing in historical data, you are able to see and prove performance over time and work on improving your clients’ social media strategy.

How does it work?

To see the historical data for Google Business Profile and LinkedIn, you must disconnect and reconnect the accounts that are currently connected to Social Marketing to refresh the data. Newly-connected accounts will automatically pull in the historical data.


Historical Data Limitations*

Google Business Profile (GBP)

All previous posts

Reach and engagement data: Up to 530 days prior to Social Marketing connection**


Up to 1,000 previous posts prior to Social Marketing connection

*Note that these limitations are set by Google Business Profile and LinkedIn, not the Social Marketing app.

**Google Business’s Profile API has several inconsistencies and may not accurately return reach and engagement data regardless of what social media platform you use.

As of the moment, GBP and LinkedIn posts made after connecting your accounts and published outside of Social Marketing will not be visible through the Social Marketing app.

See the complete list of content and data monitored by Social Marketing →

Recent Posts

Google Business Profile and LinkedIn posts made prior to the account being connected will show up under Social Marketing > Recent Posts.


Through Insights > Post Performance, reach and engagement for posts published prior to connecting the account will also be shown when the appropriate date range is selected.

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