Meeting Scheduler: Sales team booking URLs

When it comes to one of your clients booking a meeting with a specific Salesperson, Meeting Scheduler has got you covered. What about if you have an entire sales team that takes calls from multiple inbound leads? It's got that covered too!

With Meeting Scheduler's team booking URLs, you can simplify your inbound lead process by opening up the calendars of your sales team in a single link and ensuring that leads are distributed fairly.

How to set up a sales team booking URL

First, you will need to create a Sales Team in Partner Center. To do this, navigate to CRM > Sales Teams in the left-hand menu and click Create Team.

Once you've created your sales team, you'll need to add in all applicable team members. Click on the sales team you've made, and click Add Team Members. Add as many salespeople to this team as needed.

Finally, impersonate any of the Salespeople that you've added to the team. You can do this by searching for them from CRM > Salespeople and clicking the personate icon below their name. 


Within the Salespersons' account, navigate to My Meetings. Below that Salesperson's list of meeting types, you'll find Your Team Event Links. This gives the Salesperson access to any meetings that have been created for that specific team in addition to the ability to create new meeting links. The salesperson can share those links with prospective clients, allowing meetings to be booked with any of the salespeople on that particular team.    

Note: If the Salesperson has been added to multiple teams, they'll see a dropdown menu next to this header. That menu will allow them to switch teams, but only one team's link can be viewed at a time.


How to customize and create new team links

Customize your team's booking URL

You can personalize your team booking URL, which can be an effective way to differentiate your sales teams when sharing their event links. 

To customize your team booking URL, click the menu icon in the General event link and click Edit URL.


In the following screen, enter the name you'd like to customize the URL with and click Save

Note: Updating the URL will prevent new users from booking using the old URL. Meetings that are already scheduled will not be affected. 

Create additional team links

  1. Log in to Sales & Success Center
  2. Go to My Meetings

    NOTE: If this is the Salesperson’s first time accessing this tab, they will need to complete the Meeting Scheduler setup, which you can learn more about in the Setup Guide.

  3. Click + New next to 'Your Team Event Links'


  1. Fill in the booking link form. You'll have the following options:
    • Name - The name used to identify the booking link
    • Link - The URL visitors will use to book meetings
    • Duration - How long meetings booked via the link will run
    • Description (optional) - Describes what meetings booked at this link are for
    • Color - This helps to visually distinguish each booking link, allowing for quicker recognition
    • Team Members - Choose which members of the team can be scheduled with this event link

Should you wish, you can also add questions to the booking link. These are useful if you'd like to request additional information from the person booking the meeting so that you can prepare beforehand. To add a new question, click Questions for the invitee.

Once you've finished building out your custom meeting type, click Create event link in the bottom right. This will add it to your list of available meetings.


Other options

You can edit any of the default meetings or ones you’ve already created by opening up the menu on the left side of each meeting and clicking Settings.


NOTE: If a meeting type is deleted, it will not cancel any appointments already booked using that link. This means that the specific link will be deactivated and will no longer allow for any new bookings. If it was deleted in error, there is no way to restore it, you will need to create a new booking link. 

With that, you now have your custom meeting type that you can share with your prospects. You can share the individual links or, if you prefer, send them the general booking link that will showcase all the meeting types available.


How does this new team URL work?

With a team URL, your prospects can book a time with any available salesperson. This is especially useful if they haven't been in contact with a Salesperson yet. They'll see all open time slots across the team of Salespeople, and allow that prospect to choose a time that works best for them.

If multiple Salespeople have the same open time slot, the meeting will be scheduled with the first available Salesperson in the queue. Once that meeting has been booked, our platform will move that Salesperson to the back of the line and ensure that the next meeting booked will go to the following Salesperson. This makes sure that all meetings are distributed evenly across all team members. 

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