Meeting Scheduler: Customizable booking URLs

Making sure your brand is front and center in everything you share with clients is important, and that includes any potential URLs. 

With Vendasta's Meeting Scheduler, you can ensure your brand flows through everything that's shared out by customizing your own unique booking URL. 

How do salespeople customize their booking URLs?

If your salespeople haven't used Meeting Scheduler before, they'll need to first set it up.

If they've already set up Meeting scheduler, they'll need to navigate to the settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right. 


Within the settings page, salespeople can choose a unique identifier that will be included in their unique booking URL.

While they may notice that it has chosen a default identifier based on the name selected for that specific Sales & Success Center account, they can change it to anything that fits with your brand. Also note that each identifier can be used only once, so if someone else has already claimed an identifier, the salesperson will need to create a different identifier. 

Note: If they've already set up a custom URL and decide to change it, guests won't be able to book a meeting using the previous URL. The salesperson will need to update anywhere this link is located with their newly updated URL. 

The URL can be customized further by selecting different identifiers for each meeting type they have. Simply click into the settings for the specific meeting type and customize that portion of the URL. You can learn more about our meeting type customization here.



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