Vendasta Payments feature availability

Vendasta Payments is a set of features that further enables Vendasta partners to market, sell, bill, and fulfill—all from within the Vendasta platform. Vendasta Payments includes the following functionality:

  • Securely accept credit card payments from customers (via Stripe), manage incoming payments, and receive payouts into a connected bank account using Vendasta Payments 
  • Automatically calculate and manage your Store's package pricing using our new package pricing model 
  • Allow visitors to your Public Store to sign in or create a new account and purchase or submit an order for multiple products and services using the Shopping Cart
  • Create and send payable or read-only invoices to customers from directly within the Vendasta platform
  • Create and apply Tax rates to invoices and Shopping Cart purchases

Many features of Vendasta Payments are available worldwide, while certain features are currently available only to partners operating in certain regions and currencies. Consult the table below for information on availability per feature, and click on a feature name to learn more about setting up and using each feature.


In what countries can I use Vendasta Payments? USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, and Czech Republic
Which currencies can the store be in? Worldwide (limited functionality outside of US and Canada)
Which currencies can we invoice in? Worldwide (limited functionality outside of US and Canada)
Which currencies can we receive payouts in? USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, NZD, CZK
Which currencies can we pay wholesale pricing in? USD, CAD, or AUD

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