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The Vendasta Academy is designed to educate both entrepreneurs and agencies about digital marketing strategy and guide learners through the Vendasta platform.

The Academy tells a story—the story of you, our partners. We designed and will continue to design, courses tailored to meet your unique needs as you navigate the platform and grow your journey with Vendasta. Join the learning community, build your knowledge of the Vendasta platform, and become an expert in helping local businesses.

These courses were designed to supplement your experience in the Vendasta platform. In addition to our Resource Center and onboarding opportunities, these courses will guide you through the platform and provide you with answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. You can also instantly apply the knowledge you learn through interactive platform activities. We see the Vendasta Academy as a learning initiative that not only impacts the success of your agency but the success of local businesses as you help them grow and scale.

Let's learn, lead, and conquer local—together.


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Why is it important?

Taking courses in the Vendasta Academy offers these benefits and more!

  • Beginners are welcome and encouraged to join the community
  • Online instruction allows you to progress at your own pace
  • Learn from the comfort of your home, and at any time of day
  • Learn from experts in sales, digital marketing, and e-commerce platforms
  • Apply what you're learning within the Vendasta platform to solidify your knowledge
  • Share what you've learned, or want to learn, with other agencies in our Vendasta Community 

Which courses can I take?

We've grown our course catalogue to 8 courses, and we're designing new courses every week.* Our courses explore platform products and dive into digital marketing strategy. The next set of courses will focus on sales and success strategies. 

If you are new to the platform, we recommend starting with our cornerstone course: "Get Started with the Vendasta platform." This course will introduce you to our platform, white-labeled products, adding your sales team, and billing and payments. We also just added a course, "Discover your product-market fit," aimed at demystifying the customer journey and breaking down our Local Business Online Toolkit. 

*For those of you who have already explored our academy, you may notice the modules have been shifted around to different courses. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you—we hope these changes make the learning journey more intuitive.


Our current course catalog includes the following:

Get started with the Vendasta platform

  • Grow your agency with the Vendasta platform
  • Brand your platform with white-labelling
  • Organize your teams
  • Add your client accounts & users
  • Learn the basics of billing and payments

Discover your product-market fit

  • Master the customer journey *NEW*
  • Adopt Product-Led Growth as your business strategy
  • #ProtectLocal with the Local Business Online Toolkit *NEW*

Set up your store for success

  • Create, navigate, and manage products
  • Showcase your products (previously "Set up your store for success")

Help your clients be found

  • Increase client findability with local listings management
  • Demystify SEO and help your clients be found online

Help your clients be known

  • Get started with Digital Ads *NEW*
  • Measure ad success with Advertising Intelligence
  • Elevate online presence with Social Marketing

Help your clients be trusted

  • Empower businesses with Reputation Management
  • Engage clients' customers with Customer Voice

Help your customers convert more clients

  • Build fast, secure, and robust WordPress sites with Website

Acquire leads

  • Provide instant value with Snapshot Report
  • Harness the power of Marketing Automation



How can I access the Academy?

To access the Vendasta Academy:

  1. Go to or select Academy from the apps menu in Partner Center.
  2. Use your Vendasta platform credentials to sign in.



Go to the Academy

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