Free trials for Marketplace products

Let your clients explore a select group of products through free trials. Free trials significantly reduce the burden on your sales team and help you convert your prospects to paying customers. This feature is now available for these products in the Vendasta Marketplace:

Follow these steps to enable free trials for a product in your Store:

  1. Add a product to your store from the list above.
  2. Go to Marketplace > Products, and select the product that you would like to offer with a free trial.
  3. Under Product Info, turn on Offer Free Trial.

On the same page, you can view all the accounts that have enabled free trials and their status.

You will also get an overview of how many active trials you have on the Products > Overview page.

Features available in each free trial differ per product. Please contact the product vendor for more information on which features your prospect will have access to. Once a trial expires, a "Trial Expired" tag will be added in Partner Center, but any upgrade or deactivation of the product is up to the admin.

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