White-label products in the Marketplace

Certain products in the Vendasta Marketplace—including many from third-party Vendors—support white-labeling, meaning that you can brand, market, and sell them as your own solutions. 

** Available on select paid subscription tiers. Please contact an account manager to see if your subscription qualifies**

Follow these steps to white-label a product in your Store:

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  1. For a complete list of products in the Marketplace that currently support white-labeling, use the Whitelabel filter in Partner Center > Marketplace > Discover Products, click More Filters, and select the Whitelabel filter. 


  1. Add a product to your Store from the list of white-label products
  2. Go to Marketplace > Products, and select the product that you would like to white-label.
  3. Under Product Info, turn on White-Label Branding. whitelabel2.jpeg
  4. Enter your desired Product Name and Icon.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

If you would like to undo your changes and return the product to its original branding, select Reset to default on the Product Info tab.

Video Walkthrough 

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