How do I transfer Google Workspace out of Vendasta?

You can transfer Google Workspace account(s) out of the Vendasta platform by canceling the product. 

The emails will still be intact; they simply will not be managed by Vendasta anymore and the account will be transferred back to Google.

The Google Workspace admin will receive an email prompting them to access the Google Admin Console to set up their billing settings for future billing purposes.

To ensure there will not be any breaks in services with Google Workspace, the client must set up payment with Google directly within 30 days of the cancellation of the product within the platform. This transition is not automatic or managed by Vendasta. 

For steps on how to cancel a product click here.


Please Note: After cancellation, please reach out to the team, as we may need to force deactivate the product on your behalf. 

If you are cancelling a seat/s, then also it is advisable to reach out to since some backend adjustments are required.

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