How do I automatically create sales activity for my emails?

Having a single source of truth for sales activity is important. Salespeople have enough to worry about without having to recall each individual conversation. For this reason, we recommend keeping a log of all conversations in the Sales & Success Center.

Log sent emails

There are three ways to log sent emails in the Sales & Success Center.

Chrome extension (recommended) 

The Sales & Success Center Gmail extension for Google Chrome lets you log emails to the Sales & Success Center without leaving your inbox.

  1. Install the extension
  2. Open your Gmail inbox
  3. Open the Gmail composer
  4. Click the Log email on an account button
  5. If this is your first time using the extension, you'll need to authorize the extension
  6. Choose the account this email is for
  7. Send your email as normal

This email will be logged in the Sales & Success Center and appear under the account's sales activity. Please note this only encompasses the outgoing email and that any subsequent replies will not be tracked.

Initiate email from Sales & Success Center

Select the contact’s email address within the Sales & Success Center—this will launch an email program and automatically pre-fill in the BCC field.

Manually BCC Sales & Success Center

From an email program, type in the BCC field.

Log received emails

You can also log your received emails by forwarding your prospects’ emails to

Sales activities

Upon sending the email, a sales activity will be added to all relevant accounts—i.e. accounts where: The sender’s email address matches your email address in the Sales & Success Center. The recipient’s email address exactly matches that of a user or contact. The sales activity will include the unformatted content of the sent email. You may edit that sales activity as needed. All sales activities for received emails will automatically be marked as Connected.


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