Create opportunities

Opportunities allow salespeople to track the potential each prospect presents.

Create opportunities

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  1. Go to Sales & Success Center > Accounts > Account Name.
  2. By Opportunities, click the New icon +.
    • Opportunities can also be created in the Actions menu.
  3. You can choose the packages the opportunity pertains to using Select packages.
  4. Enter the quantity of that package that will be purchased should the salesperson close the opportunity successfully.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter the opportunity's Pipeline, Stage, and Expected close date.
  7. Optional – Enter additional details by expanding Details.
    • You can enter the Opportunity Name, the salesperson to assign the opportunity to, a description of the opportunity under Overview, and add tags.
  8. Click Create.

Now that an opportunity exists, it can be viewed from Sales & Success Center > Accounts > Account Name > Opportunities or from Sales & Success Center > Pipeline


Walkthrough Video

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