Creating Templates

How to create templates:

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  1. Go to Task Manager > Templates
  2.  Click + Add New Template.
    • Click Select from library to create a template from one of the pre-made library options.
    • Click Create new template to create one from scratch.
      • Regardless of what you choose, you can edit the template before saving it.
  3. Fill in the general template details. These include the following:
    • Template Name - What your template will be called.
      • This field is required.
    • Project Assignee - Who the template will be assigned to by default.
    • Due __ days from creation - The number of days the entire project will be due after its creation.
    • Recurrence - How often the project recurs. When choosing Custom..., you will have additional options.
    • Associate with Product in the Marketplace - If a product is chosen, a project using this template will be created when that product is activated on an account.
  4. Create the tasks associated with the project. Here, you can set the following fields:
    • Task Name - What the task is called.
    • Assignee - Who the task will be assigned to when created.
    • Due __ days from project creation - How soon after the project is created the task is due.

      Note: You can add new tasks by selecting Add Another Task. Similarly, you can delete tasks by selecting Delete Task.

  5. Select Create Template.


Video Walkthrough


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