Create account in Sales & Success Center

To create an account in Sales & Success Center:

  1. In Sales & Success Center, click on "Accounts" in the left menu.
  2. Click Create Account in the upper right corner of the screen.

    • In the Specific Search tab, enter the name and location of a specific business. For example, to create an account for Starbucks on Broadway, you could search for: Starbucks, Broadway, New York, NY, USA. 
    • In the General Search tab, enter search terms related to a type of business you want to discover. For example, to find new cafes in New York, you could search for Cafes near New York, NY, USA.
    • If you do not see the business you're looking for, click Skip to Account Creation.
    • Note: When using the Specific search tab, you'll also see an automatically-generated list of competitors for that business. This allows you to select up to three and have them automatically added to the Snapshot Report. To learn more visit our support article about competitor statsAccount_Create_GIF.gif
  3. Fill in the form that appears. (You will be able to edit and add to this information later if needed.)
  4. Click Create Account. This account will now appear both in Sales & Success Center and Partner Center.

After the prospect/account has been created, salespeople will be presented with the following options:

Generate Snapshot – Generates a Snapshot Report for the business. This was previously always included with each prospect created, but it will no longer be automatic.
Add contact – Any person or persons that the salesperson will be in contact with. This can also be used to grant contacts access to Business App.
Start campaign – Start an email campaign for the business.
Create opportunity – If the salesperson has any potential sales opportunities with the business, they can add those here.

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