Send Email Campaigns from Sales & Success Center

Note: This article covers sending campaigns from the Sales & Success Center. You can also send campaigns from Partner Center.

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Start a campaign

  1. From Sales & Success Center > Accounts, find the account on which you wish to start a campaign.
  2. Select the Start email campaign button.
    • Note: The icon will be green if a campaign has previously run for the account.
  3. Select the campaign you would like to send, then the contact you would like to send it to.

You can also start a campaign by navigating to Sales & Success Center > Accounts > Account Name > Start a Campaign (represented by the paper plane icon).


Manage campaigns

You can manage campaigns associated with an account from Sales & Success Center > Accounts > Account Name, then navigate to the Campaigns box.

Here, select the three dotsbaseline-more_vert-24px__1___1_.svg to see the various options for your campaigns. You can choose to pause, resume, or stop campaigns.

When you resume a campaign, the campaign will resume as scheduled, and the recipients in the 'Stopped' state will move to 'In progress'. Recipients won’t receive emails they’ve already received, and delays before scheduled events will restart. This action may take a few minutes to complete.

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