Manually trigger an automation

Most automations are triggered automatically as soon as an event happens. However, you may want to create a workflow that only runs when you want it to. In this case, you can set up manual automation. 

This process involves 2 steps: Setting up the automation and starting the automation for an account. 

Set up the automation

To set up manual automation:

1. Go to Partner Center Automations

2. Click Create automation.

3. Select a Template. (select Market if applicable)

4. Choose the It's triggered manually trigger.

5. If salespeople should be able to start the automation, select Allow salespeople to run this automation. Then click Save.

6. Add the remaining workflow steps. 

7. In the Settings tab > Entry settings, select Multiple times per account. This allows your automation to run multiple times for the same account when prompted.

8. Turn on the automation.


Start the automation

Once the automation is turned on, you can start it for either individual accounts or all accounts from a list.

To trigger the automation for a single account:

  1. Go to Partner Center Businesses Accounts. Select the account you want to start the automation for. 

  2. In the Automations section, click Start Manual Automation.

  3. Select the automation. 

  4. Click Start.



To trigger the automation to run for all accounts from a list:

  1. Go to Partner Center Businesses > Lists. Select the list you want to start the automation for.
  2. From the list page, select Actions > Trigger Automation
  3. Select the automation.

  4. Click Start.

Create an automation

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