Business App: Ask questions related to Task Manager projects


Business App users can now message their fulfillment team directly through Business App.

Previously, clients had to email or call their fulfillment team outside of Business App. This created a disconnect as they couldn't ask a question in the same place they could see the status.

By adding this option to Business App, clients will be able to more easily coordinate with their fulfillment team.

How does it work?

Ask questions from Business App

Provided a Task Manager user has set a project to be visible in Business App, users will be able to reach out to their fulfillment team:

  1. Log in to Business App
  2. Go to My Products
  3. Click Ask a question about your service by the relevant project
  4. Compose a message
  5. Click Send


Who is notified about a question?

Anyone assigned to a task within the project will be notified. When a question is asked, they'll receive an email and an in-app notification. Clicking on this will bring the assignee to The Loop.


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