Customer Voice Pro: SMS performance metrics

What is this?

The performance funnel on the Overview page now includes performance metrics for SMS messages.

Why is it important?

Business owners need a way to visualize the effectiveness of SMS messages sent in Customer Voice. SMS reporting will include: the number of SMS messages sent and what percentage have been clicked on (click-through rate). 

Note: Open rate is not available for SMS-type messages. 

These metrics are important to help businesses understand the value of sending SMS messages and their effectiveness. 

How does it work?

Go to Customer Voice Pro (account must have an SMS add-on) > Overview.

Here’s what you can expect from the new metrics:

  • A review request performance funnel which includes SMS performance
  • A way to toggle between viewing metrics for Email only, SMS only, or Email & SMS
    • Note: Open rate is for email only
  • The ability to filter by a specific date range
  • The number of new reviews found on connected accounts 

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