Social Marketing: Tagging in posts

Social Marketing users now have the ability to tag* other businesses in the copy of their posts made to both X and Facebook from within the composer. 

Users can tag business pages on Facebook and both business profiles and personal users on X. 

*This feature allows users to utilize tagging in the post COPY, not in the photo. 

Tagging business pages in the copy of a social media post can be a great way to extend its reach and engagement. When a business is tagged in a post, the post becomes visible to its followers. This strategy can help businesses get more followers and engagement as customers who may not be familiar with the business will see the post. 

While this can be a very effective social strategy, it is important to note that businesses should not be tagging other businesses in every single post. It’s most effective when there is a good reason to do so. For example, if the business is collaborating with another business on a new product or service or when two businesses are participating in an event. 

How does it work?

In the Social Marketing composer, with Facebook or X selected, a user can type the ‘@’ symbol and begin typing the business that they’d like to tag. Similar to how a user would tag another through the network itself.

As the user continues to type, suggestions for users/business pages will appear.

When the user adds a tag to their post and the post is published, the corresponding business or user will be notified. 

Who gets it?

All Social Marketing Pro users now have access to both Facebook and X tagging. 

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