Website: Product Redesign

In order to provide our partners with a fast, mobile-responsive, and easy-to-use Website product, we have implemented a product redesign. 

This ensures that both Website Standard and Pro products have the same look and feel as the rest of Vendasta’s marketing tools.



Access to the WordPress backend is now in a more convenient location, at the top of the navigational menu. Users will have access to this button from anywhere in the product. 

All tabs operate as they did with the previous design. 

Developer tools such as SFTP access and PhpMyAdmin are now located under the Advanced Tools section in the navigation. This is to make space to display PHP/WordPress versions and plugins requiring updates. 



We believe that it is incredibly important for our partners to deliver a set of tools to their customers that are uniform and professional. That is why we are working to ensure that the information architecture and aesthetics of our Website product are consistent with the other Vendasta tools. 

This will help all users feel more confident and comfortable navigating this product. 

Your clients now have the following improvements:

  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Increased speed
  • Fresh, easy-to-use interface


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