The Loop in Partner Center

The Loop is your source for updates on the work occurring across your organization. Think of it as a social feel, but focused entirely on the updates your coworkers make.

You can also view Task Manager updates via The Loop, enabling admins, managers, and salespeople to have greater insight into the work your fulfillment agents complete.

The following event types are now available in The Loop:

  • Account note updates

  • Task deletions

  • Waiting on Customer updates

  • Emails sent from tasks

  • Project completion

How do I access The Loop in Partner Center?

  1. Log in to Partner Center
  2. Click the Loop button all_inclusive-24px.svg at the top of the screen 

How do I view only specific updates?

You can filter the types of activity that are displayed in The Loop using the channel selector. This appears to the left of The Loop updates.

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