Sales & Success Center: Track sales emails with the Gmail extension

Having a single source of truth for sales activity is important. Salespeople have enough to worry about without having to recall each individual conversation.

While salespeople could already log their emails in Sales & Success Center, it always required salespeople to remember to BCC "". With the Sales & Success Center Gmail extension, this all happens with the click of a button.

Install and authorize

  1. Install the extension
  2. Open your Gmail inbox
  3. Open the Gmail composer
  4. Click Set Partner ID

    Note: If you had Gmail opened previously, you may need to refresh the page to see the "Partner ID" prompt.

  5. Follow the instructions on the setup page.
  6. Click Allow after reviewing the extension's permissions.

Using the extension

There are two ways to use the extension:

Using the To field

If you enter an email address in the To field that exists as a contact in the Sales & Success Center, the extension will automatically populate the account. To track the email on this account, click Confirm.


If this isn't the correct account, select Choose Another. Doing so will prompt you to select the account. Once selected, you can choose to add the contact to the account in Sales & Success Center.


Manually selecting an account

If the email address entered does not exist in the Sales & Success Center, you can click Choose Account to manually select the account you want to log this email activity.

After sending, this email will be logged in the Sales & Success Center and appear under the account's sales activity. Please note this only encompasses the outgoing email and that any subsequent replies will not be tracked.

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