Task Manager: Manager's Dashboard

Managers have a lot to do. There's staff to keep track of, reports to prepare, and clients to assist. That's not to mention the dozens of meetings they likely attend or the impromptu messages that need answering.

It's a lot.

Vendasta sees you, managers, and we're committed to easing your struggles. We've overhauled the Overview page in Partner Center to give you the info you need at a glance. You won't have to guess how many tasks are coming up this week, how many tasks are overdue, or which days these tasks are due.

To get into specifics, you'll see the following:

  • Tasks completed yesterday
  • Tasks due today
  • Tasks currently overdue
  • Tasks due tomorrow
  • Tasks due this week
  • Tasks due next week
  • Tasks per weekday this week

What will the dashboard help me do?

The new dashboard can be used to best plan your week. Some examples of how you can use each section are as follows, but these are in no way prescriptive of the only uses for this information:

See which day of the week your team is busiest

With the daily breakdown, you can anticipate if you have an inordinate amount of work on any one day. If so, you may wish to alter due dates and timelines to enable a more even spread of work throughout the week, preventing your team from dreading any one day.

Better understand how much work your team can handle

You can easily see how many tasks are overdue vs. the tasks completed the previous day. If you're finding overdue tasks are a frequent occurrence and are comparable to the number of completed tasks, you can use the dashboard to better determine if resources are allocated appropriately.

Report to stakeholders

Managers often need to report to stakeholders, such as C-level employees. The dashboard can provide a quick resource to grab important stats to help with communication.

How do I access the dashboard?

The dashboard is available at Partner Center > Tasks > Overview.

Open the Dashboard

What does the dashboard look like?

We've taken care to display only the information you need daily.


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