Sales & Success Center: Drag-and-drop Pipeline

Salespeople can view and manage their sales pipeline using this visual interface that allows them to see their opportunities at a glance including which stage of the pipeline the opportunity is in.

In addition, salespeople can drag and drop opportunities to transition them between stages. 

How does it work?

Access the pipeline

To access the new pipeline, log in to Sales & Success Center and click Pipeline. Salespeople will now be brought to the Board view by default.

Note: The previous pipeline view can be accessed by clicking Table.

Moving opportunities

On the Board view of the Pipeline tab, each active opportunity will appear on the board. These are broken down into various pipeline stages.

To move opportunities to different stages, simply click and hold the opportunity you wish to move. From there, drag it to its new stage.


Other features

  • Clicking on the name of an opportunity will bring salespeople to the Opportunity details page.
  • Salespeople will no longer see a Probability of close option when creating sales opportunities. Instead, they will see the Pipeline stage field. 

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