Automated email: Shopping cart reminder

This automated email reminder nudges your clients to complete their purchases if items are left in their shopping carts. This email is one way to capture sales that likely would have been lost. 

When will the email be sent?

Whenever one of your clients adds an item to their shopping cart, the platform will wait until the client adds, removes, or updates an item in their cart. If 1 hour passes by with no updates and the shopping cart still has items in it, the platform will email the client to remind them of these items and encourage them to finish their purchase. 

The email notification will look similar to the screenshot below. However, your branding will be displayed like other notification emails.




If your client completes their purchase before an hour passes, no email will be sent.

Why send abandoned cart emails?

Abandoned shopping cart emails are powerful and effective—especially when they're automated. Research has shown that up to half of the customers who abandon their shopping carts will complete their purchase when asked (Source).

Can I manage the automation?

You can manage this email automation through Built-in automations, a new system we're releasing in Partner Center Automations

With this new tool, you have the option to customize the length of time the platform will wait until sending the email, add additional actions to the automation workflow, or turn off this automation completely. To learn more about built-in automations, view this article: Introducing Built-In Automations 




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