Partner Center: Manage Auto-Assign Rules in Automations

With Automations, you have all the functionality of Auto-Assign Rules which allows you to automatically assign a salesperson to an account and send a campaign to that account.

In addition, you can also:

  • Create sales tasks
  • Create fulfillment tasks and projects
  • Add or remove accounts from lists
  • Send in-app and email notifications to your team members
  • Activate and deactivate products
  • Log activity and hotness ratings
  • Add or remove tags

Set up new Automations today and watch your business grow. 

To access your Auto-Assign Rules:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Automations
  2. Enter Auto Assign Rules in the table's search box.


Your Auto-Assign Rules will show up in the table as Auto Assign Rule #1, Auto Assign Rule #2, etc.

You can edit and modify these Automations the same way you would modify any other Automation.

How can I create a new Auto-Assign Rule?

To create a new Auto-Assign Rule:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Automations
  2. Click Create automation 
  3. Select the Set up new accounts template


  4. Click Use this template
  5. Click on any boxes that are highlighted in yellow, and enter the required information. You can also delete or add steps to the workflow to better suit your business.


  6. When you're ready, switch the toggle to On to turn on the automation.


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